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Undergraduate and graduate student volunteers are needed for SC2001. Students help with the administration of the conference in exchange for free conference registration, housing, most meals, conference goodies, and more!

A student volunteer usually work 20-25 hours during the conference. You interact with conference organizers and presenters, and have the opportunity to meet other students from all over the world. A student volunteer see the latest in high-performance networking and computing technology. You meet leading researchers from around the world while greatly contributing to the success of this annual event. No special skills or experience is necessary for most of the volunteer positions.

Interested in participating in SC2001 as a student volunteer? We can promise you a busy work week, but one that will also be interesting and rewarding. Read the information below, and then consider if you want to register to become an SC2001 student volunteer!

So, what is an SC2001?

SC2001 is the current event of an annual conference series that focuses on the development and application of high-performance computing and communications technologies. This year's conference will be Sunday, November 11 thru Friday, November 16, 2001 in Denver.

What is a student volunteer?

A student volunteer helps out with the administration of the conference in exchange for free conference registration, housing, most meals, conference goodies, and more. We ask for a total of 20-25 hours of work. You will interact with the conference organizers and presenters, and meet other students from all over the world. It's an opportunity to get involved with a great conference and reduce expenses at the same time. It's also not a bad item to have on your resume.

Student volunteers have the opportunity to see and discuss the latest high-performance networking and computing technology and meet leading researchers from around the world while contributing to the success of this annual event. No special skills or experience are necessary for most volunteer positions; however, some familiarity with computing platforms, audio/visual aids, and office equipment is helpful.

Who is eligible to be a student volunteer?

Any full time college student may become a student volunteer at SC2001. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. You will need a recommendation from one of your professors.

High school students are not encouraged to apply, but local (Denver area) high school students might be considered under special (as yet undefined) circumstances.

When are student volunteers needed?

Official conference activities will start on Sunday 11 November and last through Friday morning 16 November. This is when most of the student volunteers will be needed.

You will need to arrive at the conference on Saturday afternoon 10 November. We will have our first group meeting Saturday evening.

Conference setup and especially deployment of the conference network takes place the week before the conference begins. A few students with an interest in networking could volunteer for these network deployment activities.

What do I get by being a student volunteer?

The conference provides students with:

" Registration to the conference including technical sessions and
   keynote addresses

" Access to the Exhibit floor (and enough time to see the exhibits)

" Hotel accommodations at one of the conference hotels

" Conference proceedings on CD-Rom

" Admission to special events on Monday and Thursday evenings

" Meals during conference hours

" New wardrobe (cool vest)

What don't I get as a student volunteer?
There are some important considerations for you to be aware of.

" You must have a faculty member recommend you.

" We do not have a travel budget for student volunteers.
   You or your college will have to pay travel costs.

" There are a few meals that are not provided (Saturday,
   Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday dinner, for example).

What kinds of work will I do as a volunteer?

We use students to distribute and collect evaluation forms in each of the tutorials and technical sessions. You might assist speakers with handouts or A/V equipment. You might help in registration. You might supervise/assist in the e-mail room. You might help with media relations. You might be working with the SCInet group in helping to keep the network up and running. And SCGlobal has already requested help from student volunteers!

Hmmm...doesn't sound like much fun. Why would I want to do this?

In general, you are only committed to 20-25 hours of volunteer duties. The rest of the time you can attend the technical sessions. The real fun is cruising the exhibit floor where hardware and software vendors and many research institutions all have very interesting exhibits and demonstrations. And you can schmooze with thousands of people in the high-performance computing and communications community. Some of them might be interested in hiring you in a year or two.

Do I have a say in what work I do as a volunteer?

You will be asked for your preference - certain areas need student volunteers who will be committed to work with them the whole time. Other than that, we will do what we can. There are often fewer volunteers than tasks. Unanticipated tasks can and usually pop up all the time. If you have special skills, we want to know so that we can place you appropriately.

Do I have to be there for the whole conference to be a volunteer?

No. We realize that other commitments (like school) exist. We hope that students local to the Denver area will be able to be flexible. You will need to be able to devote enough time to work 20-25 hours during the conference.

Where will I stay during the conference?

Rooms will be available at each of the conference hotels at no cost to student volunteers. Assignments will be made as we get closer to the conference.

The rooms are all double occupancy. You are encouraged to apply with a classmate (of a similar gender) and plan to share a room.

Are there any students with special skills or other characteristics that you encourage to apply?
Glad you asked!

" Students with an interest in networking and who can help the week
  before the conference are encouraged to apply.

" We need students who can speak Japanese or Korean to assist at

" This year (as in previous years) the conference is focusing on
   diversifying the student volunteer population. So, students from
   under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply
   preferably, two or more from one institution.

" International students are also encouraged to apply.

Wow! How do I register?

Register on the registration page.

You will need to provide basic information about yourself and why you want to attend SC2001 as a student volunteer. And you need to provide the name and e-address of a professor who will recommend you.

When will I find out if you have selected me?

The registration pages will stay open until Friday, September 7. We hope to have decisions made and volunteers notified within a week following the close of registration.

Will I have any other questions?

Possibly. If you do, you may contact Eleanor Schroeder who coordinates the Student Volunteer Committee. She (and the rest of the Student Volunteer Committee) can be reached at students@sc2001.org

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