SC2001 Sample Panel Submission

  1. Title

    Example Panel for the New Millennium

  2. Questions
    1. PCs or network appliances?
    2. Did fixing Y2K cost too much money?
    3. Unix or NT?

  3. Impact, Importance, Interest, Audience

    This section should discuss the impact of the panel and its importance to the intended audience. Panels are often focussed on a subset of SCxy participants and this group should be clearly identified. This section should spell out some of the key issues that panelists will likely address and give a brief overview of likely solutions or positions.

  4. Panel Members

    Thomas P. Computer, President, Cheap PCs, Inc.
    Eric R. MCMann, Chairman, Y2K Strike Team
    David R. Watchdog, Founder, US PC Consumer Advocacy Forum
    Oscar S. Software, Chief Scientist, Applications, Inc.

  5. Panel Moderator

    John. Q. Public - Spokesman for every man

  6. Qualifications and Biographical Sketches
    1. Thomas P. Computer
    2. Eric R. MCMann
    3. David R. Watchdog
    4. Oscar S. Software
    5. John Q. Public

  7. Experience of Moderator

    This section should summarize the experience of the moderator on previous panels. Previous experience as a moderator is not required to propose a panel.

  8. Contact Information

    Alternate POC:

  9. Special Needs

    List any special needs here.