• UPC: Unified Parallel C (George Washington University)
    Booth R547
    Tarek El-Ghazawi, tarek@seas.gwu.edu

      This research exhibit will demonstrate the underlying concepts of UPC, an explicitly parallel extension of ANSI C designed to provide both good performance and ease of programming for high-end parallel computers. UPC provides a distributed shared-memory programming model and includes features that allow programmers to specify and exploit memory locality. Such constructs facilitate explicit control of data and work distribution among threads so that remote memory accesses are minimized. Thus, PC maintains the C language heritage of keeping programmers in control of and close to the hardware. Among the advanced features offered by UPC are shared and private pointers into the shared and private address spaces, shared and private data, efficient synchronization mechanisms including non-blocking barriers, and support for establishing different memory consistency models. In addition to its original open-source implementation, UPC has gained acceptance from several vendors who are producing exploratory compilers. For more information see upc.gwu.edu.