• University of Manchester, Manchester Computing
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    Kaukab Jaffri, k.jaffri@man.ac.uk

      Manchester Computing is Europe's premier university high-performance computing facility supporting world-class research and teaching in all disciplines. It is used by the UK academic community and, increasingly, by many overseas higher education institutions. It is also a major node in the EU-sponsored EUROGRID project and is a member of the eGRID forum. MC provides computing services to the University of Manchester through the Manchester Research Centre for Computational Science (MRCCS) and the Manchester Visualization Centre. It is an international center for HPCN and visual supercomputing, with a recently installed Virtual Reality center specializing in Virtual Medicine. More than 25,000 users from over 150 UK institutions use Manchester Computing. Highlight: Manchester Computing is providing the UK SC Global Constellation site with four workshops and BoF sessions on global metacomputing, solar-terrestrial physics, GRID portals and GRID-enabled materials science. We are also part of the European Village highlighting European research.