• Center for Computational Physics, University of Tsukuba
    Booth R0684
    Taisuke Boku, taisuke@is.tsukuba.ac.jp

      Center for Computational Physics is a dedicated center for research on computational physics including particle physics, condensed matter physics, and astrophysics as well as computer science for high-performance parallel processing. The main resource of the center is a massively parallel processing system named CP-PACS equipped with 2048 processing units to provide over 600 GFLOPS of peak performance. In this exhibition, we will present current research on the component technologies for the new generation MPP system for very large-scale scientific calculations based on novel processor architecture, optical interconnection network, high-performance I/O system, and real-time visualization system. We will also provide on-line demonstration on our Heterogeneous Multi-Computer System that combines general purpose MPP (CP-PACS for continuum simulation) and special purpose one (GRAPE-6 for particle simulation) with very high performance parallel network channels to perform realistic astrophysics simulations. Other results on various field of computational physics are also displayed.