• Swiss HPCN Grid (ETH-CSCS)
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    Dr. D. Maric, maric@cscs.ch

      Swiss national High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN) Vision, Strategy and its Implemetation in the frame of the Swiss HPCN Grid are featured. The Swiss HPCN Grid comprises following four sites of the Swiss ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) domain: ETH-CSCS (Swiss Center for Scientific Computing, Leading Site), ETH-Zuerich, EPF-Lausanne and PSI-Villigen. The Swiss HPCN Grid is open and serves all national academic, industrial, and governmental HPCN user communities. The presentation comprises the architecture of the Grid, the resources and competencies at all four sites and the examples of the projects both in the field of the computational science and engineering applications and HPCN technologies.