• Making Supercomputers Global (John von Neumann Institute for Computing)
    Booth R0769
    Norbert Attig, n.attig@fz-juelich.de

      The John von Neumann Institute for Computing (NIC), mainly carried by the Research Center Juelichs Central Institute for Applied Mathematics (ZAM) is one of three national HPC Centers in Germany. Its task is to support and further develop scientific computing in Germany in cooperation with other centers, universities, and research institutes by providing supercomputer resources nationwide, developing computational methods and conducting interdisciplinary research. We will showcase the capabilities of uniform access to different supercomputers in Germany; the necessary software system is developed within the government-funded UNICORE project. R &D work on recent activities in the performance analysis of parallel programs will be introduced and demonstrated. On posters the architecture and software environment of the latest generation special-purpose supercomputer APEmille operated at DESY-Zeuthen and of SMP-clusters operated at ZAM will be explained. Furthermore, we will demonstrate recent activities in the design of parallel algorithms and the steering and visualization of complex applications.