• The State of Computing and Beyond (Ohio Supercomputer Center)
    Booth R1046
    Kathryn Kelley, kkelley@osc.edu

      OSC is Ohio's flagship center for high-performance computing, networking, educational outreach, and information technology. OSC empowers its academic, industrial, and government partners to further advance their research and training capabilities. OSC will make several scheduled presentations regarding its expertise in managing and coordinating the following regional and national programs: Cluster Ohio, a centralized management of distributed clusters, state scalable programs, and statewide software licensing; Sun Center of Excellence in High-Performance Computing Environments, a collaboration with education, medical institutions, and industry in bioinformatic; Outreach programs such as the Alliance PACS and EOT-PACI, Platform Lab, Technology Policy Group, and summer institutes; National contracts that support the Department of Defense, Maui Supercomputing Center, and ITEC-Ohio, a consortium of Ohio universities and corporate partners that is one of two national testbeds for Internet2 research.