• Seamless Parallel and Distributed Computing (Real World Computing Partnership)
    Booth R0670
    Yutaka Ishikawa, ishikawa@rwcp.or.jp

      Real World Computing Partnership (RWCP), funded by the Japanese government, will show: (I) network architectures, and (II) system software and applications on seamless parallel and distributed computing environments. I) Two network architectures will be presented: (i) Comet, a clustering-over-Internet technology for information grids, and (ii) RHiNET, a local area system network for high-performance parallel computing. (II) The following system software and applications will be shown: (i) SCore cluster system software, (ii) cluster-enabled Omni OpenMP compiler for PC clusters, (iii) PROMISE programming environment for regular and irregular scientific applications, (iv) SPST Programming Tool for heterogeneous parallel and distributed systems, and (v) a parallel data mining system.