• Research@Indiana (Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Notre DameRose Hulman Institute of Technology)
    Booth R1161
    David C. Hart, dhart@indiana.edu

      Indiana has become increasingly important as a center of Information Technology research, development, and commerce. Indiana is home to the Abilene and TransPAC NOCs, its universities are consistently represented in the Top 500 list, and computer scientists in Indiana are developing important new software technology. Much as the research activities of Indiana's research universities cover a great diversity of disciplines, so do accomplishments of Indiana-based researchers making use of HPCC applications. The Research@Indiana display will showcase computer science developments, including developments in areas such as cluster computing technology, collaboration, grid computing, and massive data storage systems; as well as applications in areas such as astronomy, bioinformatics, chemistry, engineering, medicine, and physics.