• European Center for Parallelism of Barcelona
    Booth R0765
    Jordi Torres, torres@cepba.upc.es

      The Booth will present the developments and results achieved by CEPBA in research and development projects duringthe last few years. The main project will be Paraver, a visualization and analysis tool for MPI, OpenMP, and Java programs. Other projects at the Booth will be Nanos (cooperation between OpenMP compiler and OS scheduling on multiprogrammed multiprocessors) and Dimemas (a simulator of Distributed MEmory MAchines that is being successfully used in tuning MPI applications). We intend to show that a careful design of different tools enables their integrated use, supporting methodologies and practices that lead to very high productivity of the parallelization activity. The people interested in these topics that come to the Booth, will be able to see demonstrations of the different projects and obtain explanations about CEPBA developments and activities.