• The Paradyn Parallel Tools Project (Paradyn ProjectUniversity of Wisconsin and University of Maryland)
    Booth R0502
    Barton Miller, bart@cs.wisc.edu

      We will be demonstrating the latest technology from the Paradyn and Dyninst efforts. Paradyn can efficiently measure the performance of large-scale parallel/distributed applications on SMPs and (heterogeneous) clusters of workstations. Novel techniques allow instrumentation of a program while it is running, automatically controlling the instrumentation to collect only the information needed to find current problems. Dynamic Instrumentation directly instruments unmodified applications during execution, greatly reducing the amount of performance data collected. Paradyn provides automated help to isolate performance bottlenecks to specific causes and parts of an application program (using our Performance Consultant module). A machine-independent interface, known as the dyninstAPI, is used for a wide range of research and commercial tools. We will demonstrate new security-attack applications of Dyninst, as well as kerninst, a dynamic instrumentation facility that runs on production OS kernels. In additional to kernel profiling, we dynamically optimize the kernel code on-the-fly.