• National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI)
    Booth R0206
    Michael P. Gannis, mgannis@sdsc.edu

      NPACI is an NSF-supported consortium of four-dozen premier academic, industrial, and research institutions, led by SDSC at UC San Diego. Its mission is to advance science by creating a national cyberinfrastructure through capability computing: providing compute and information resources of exceptional capability to enable scientific discovery at scales not previously achievable; discovery environments: developing and deploying integrated, easy-to-use computational environments to foster scientific discovery in traditional and emerging disciplines; and computational literacy: extending the excitement, benefits, and opportunities of science to a diverse population. NPACI's exhibit will showcase cyberinfrastructure advances in bioinformatics, protein folding, telescience, multicomponent environmental modeling, scalable visualization, biological fluid dynamics, and cellular microphysiology. We will demonstrate new tools and applications being developed by the cooperating partners, present Grid-based supercomputing in action, and show how the partnership's activities, products, and services are meeting real needs of the computational science community.