• The Grid is Not Enough (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart [HLRS])
    Booth R0761
    Matthias Mueller, mueller@hlrs.de

      The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) is a national HPC Center in Germany for research. In addition, together with debis Systemhaus GmbH and Porsche, it has formed a joint company to provide access to supercomputers for research and industry. These supercomputers comprise a wide range of platforms, RUS/HLRS is actively pursuing the goal of achieving a distributed working environment for its users that allows them to see and use all resources in a seamless way. At SC2001, HLRS will demonstrate its activities in the field of Grid Computing for science and industry. Our presentation will show the main building blocks HLRS is working with. Several projects highlight how these blocks are put together. Examples from industry include applications from the car and aerospace sector. Scientific research is demonstrated in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry and physics. The results will be visualized by our own collaborative visualization tool COVISE.