• HP Comp & Net in Nat'l Center for HP Comp (NCHC), Taiwan (National Center for High Performance Computing, Taiwan)
    Booth R0561
    Fang-Pang Lin, fplin@nchc.gov.tw

      The National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) is one of the national laboratories under the National Science Council (NSC) in Taiwan. It is the only research center for high-performance computing applications in Taiwan. Recently, the center was also made to be the center for the next generation research network of Taiwan. NCHC has conducted various research applications regarding high-performance computing and networking. In the research exhibition we will use immersive and collaborative virtual reality to showcase the following programs: CFD design practice using a numerical wind tunnel; virtual GIS-based 3D hydrodynamic model of the Tamshui river; the crashworthiness of the Yulong newly developed vehicle during a frontal impact; and the structure-based drug design model of a transmembrane endothelin receptor and its antagonist. Moreover, we will collaboratively work with international supercomputing centers from Germany, U.S., Japan, and the UK to showcase global metacomputing applications.