• Grid-enabled MEG Data Analysis System (Cybermedia Center, Osaka University, Japan)
    Booth R0567
    Susumu Date, date@rd.center.osaka-u.ac.jp

      Our project team's final goal is to reveal brain functions. The human brain is complex in comparison with other internal organs. For the revelation of unknown brain functions, a variety of computationally intensive signal processing are essential. These signal processing techniques take too long in time for realistic analyses and diagnoses. For the goal, we have been building a brain data analysis system using grid technologies over a few years. In the system, the seamless integration of a data acquisition process, a data analysis process, and an implementation process of analysis result is aimed on the Internet. The brain data is analyzed on multiple high-performance computers in the Internet. Then, the results of analyses are transferred and visualized on a computer on the desk of system users. In our Booth, MEG data analysis is planned to be performed.