• INRIA: Institut National de Recherche en Information
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    Jean-Louis Pazat, Jean-Louis.Pazat@irisa.fr

      This research exhibit presents an overview of INRIA's activities in the area of high-performance cluster and Grid computing. Examples of recent accomplishments that will be demonstrated are code coupling tools; .PADICO: an environment to face the heterogeneity of Grid computing and to achieve high performance that supports both CORBA and MPI; .MOME/CL: a coupling library for parallel codes based on the MOME software distributed shared memory (DSM); Java oriented tools; .CONCERTO/Do: a tool that automaticaly generates distributed programs from multithreaded java programs; .PROACTIVE PDC: a Java library for Parallel, Distributed, and Concurrent computing; .IC2D a tool to transparently monitor, control, and graphically visualize communications; clusters management and programming tools; .KA: efficient tools for operating system, files, and Unix commands broadcasting on large clusters and grids; .ATHAPASCAN: a high level data-flow language; PAJE: a scalable visualization framework for MPI and Athapascan threaded programs; and .TAKAKAW: a molecular dynamics application.