• HP Scientific Computing at Brookhaven National Lab (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
    Booth R0749
    John Spiletic, spiletic@bnl.gov

      Brookhaven National Laboratory proposes to exhibit new computational science developments in four research areas: The Center for Data Intensive Computing (CDIC) is pursuing research in advanced scientific computing and its application to high-energy and nuclear physics, biological and environmental studies, and materials and chemical science. The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and future proposed ATLAS experiments require massive computational facilities for collecting and analyzing petabytes of data. We will highlight the current state of the project. BNL is a "DOE topical computing site" with the installation of the QCDSP 600 Gflop supercomputer, the Gordon Bell Prize winner in 1998. The QCDSP machine will be succeeded by QCDOC, a 10-Teraflop supercomputer, whose architecture will be described. The Brookhaven Data Visualization group will demonstrate advances in the areas above, along with research in parallel and remote visualization of large data sets. A distance learning project with two NY colleges will be highlighted.