• EZ-Grid Resource Broker / Cougar Compiler (University of Houston)
    Booth R0512
    Barbara Chapman, chapman@cs.uh.edu

      Many research and development projects currently aim to facilitate the use of computational grids for the execution of supercomputing applications. Such environments promise an improvement in the utilization of existing computational resources, as well as faster time to completion for the individual user's job. However, an efficient utilization of grid resources is currently impeded, from both points of view, by the manual effort involved in resource selection and job submission. These tasks are supported at a high level for certain classes of applications only. Our goal is to permit the majority of grid users to specify the needs of their job in a convenient manner and to support them in the task of detecting and selecting computational resources that are likely to meet these needs. In this exhibit, we display the EZ-Grid system, which is an ongoing project at the Department of Computer Science, University of Houston. The aim is to design and implement a resource brokerage system coupled with user interfaces and robust information objects for multisite grid computing. We use Globus tools for grid services and develop the above software tools for making resource selections and job submission to achieve the time and/or cost constraints specified by the user.