• Extreme Sci.: Picoseconds & Petabytes, Teravolts & Tflops (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
    Booth R1060
    Robert Cowles, robert.cowles@slac.stanford.edu

      At Fermilab and SLAC, Americas principal facilities for experimental high-energy physics, the world's physicists probe extremes of nature, colliding minute particles at tremendous energies. Detectors measure forces with a range of femtometers (10-15 meters) between particles accelerated by teravolts in interactions lasting only picoseconds. Readout and analysis of the resulting physics data requires gigabit networks, petabytes of data storage and teraflop computing resources.

      SLAC will demonstrate its high-speed network connecting a thousand-node compute farm with a half petabyte-and-growing Objectivity database used by hundreds of physicists. Fermilab will demonstrate systems to manage and analyze even larger data volumes. Progress will be shown on the Particle Physics Data Grid's high-speed File Replication Service. Physics analysis techniques and results will be described using the examples from the BaBar, CMS, CDF and D0 experiments. Fermilab (operated by URA, Inc.) and SLAC (operated by Stanford University) are funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.