• EPCC: Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
    Booth R0
    Alan D. Simpson, a.simpson@epcc.ed.ac.uk

      EPCC has been one of the leading HPC centres in Europe since 1990. Today, it has 45 full-time staff and, as well as providing research support and training for academic users and European visitors, we produce business solutions for the UK and European industry. At SC2001, we will have videos and interactive demonstrations of the results of a number of projects in Grid and network computing. We are working with Cisco systems on a simulator for differentiated services on the Internet. We have also recently produced a toolkit for Grid portals for HPC applications and a prototype infrastructure for a pure Java Grid built on top of Jini. In addition, EPCC currently leads the benchmarking activities of the Java Grande forum, including language comparisons for real, parallel codes. The exhibit will highlight EPCC's European projects: the TRACS visitor programme; technology transfer; and the ENACTS consortium of HPC and Data Centres.