• DataSpace - An Infrastructure for the Data Web (National Center for Data Mining/National Scalable Cluster Project)
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    Robert Grossman, grossman@uic.edu

      The web today provides an infrastructure for working with distributed multimedia documents. DataSpace is an infrastructure for creating a web of data instead of documents. DataSpace is designed to support the distribution, analysis, and mining of scientific, engineering, health care, business, and e-business data. We will demonstrate open source data servers and data browsers for the data web, as well as a variety of DataSpace applications. The DataSpace infrastructure scales from the commodity internet to emerging high-performance optical testbeds, from single PCs to high-performance compute and data clusters, and from off-line computations to real-time, interactive ones. The DataSpace Project includes a number of academic and industrial partners, including the University of Pennsylvania, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Imperial College,the University of Amsterdam, Dalhousie University, CalTech, and Magnify.