• Dancing Beyond Boundaries (Digital Worlds Institute, University of Florida)
    Booth R1070
    Joella Walz, joella@ufl.edu

      Dancing Beyond Boundaries is a project exploring whether internationally distributed dancers, musicians, graphic artists, videographers, and choreographers can create, rehearse, and perform a new collaborative work using the Internet2, the AccessGrid, and a select number of high-quality video and audio streams. The main performance stage is located near our Booth. From New York City, an internationally renowned choreographer will interactively create the new piece, conduct the rehearsals, and oversee the final performance. In Brazil, Master Percussionists will compose, collaborate, perform, and transmit surround sound audio to all performers. At the University of Florida, a dance troop will rehearse and perform with the dancers on the floor in Denver, their images displayed onto large rear-projected screens on the exhibit floor stage. And finally, a computer graphics artist in another remote geographic location will visually accompany the dance and send real-time, broadcast-quality, processed video and animations to the Denver stage. The Digital Worlds Institute, located at the University of Florida, is an interdisciplinary extension of both the Colleges of Fine Arts and Engineering. The Institute's mission is to advance digital worlds technologies by drawing on the diverse talents and skills of the artist, scientist, and engineer.