• Large-scale Windows Computing (Cornell Theory Center [CTC])
    Booth R1059
    L. Callahan, cal@tc.cornell.edu

      CTC will highlight a number of large-scale scientific projects that are running on our Velocity, Velocity+, and CMI clusters. These projects included multiscale materials modeling, structural biology, and genomics. We will also feature ongoing work at the ARS/USDA Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics, located at CTC, and a new NASA project focused on revitalizing engineering education. We will demonstrate several e-science, or Web-computing, projectsone relating to materials research and another relating to genomics. We will also demonstrate a number of Windows-based tools for high-performance computing, a Windows-based CAVE desktop development environment, as well as our scientific outreach through Web-based 3-D virtual worlds. We will discuss services we provide to sites interested in moving to a Windows-based environment.