• Computational Science & Engineering at CLRC (CLRC Daresbury Laboratory)
    Booth R0861
    Mike Ashworth, m.ashworth@dl.ac.uk

      The Computational Science and Engineering Department at CLRC acts as a UK focus for the development, application, and support of research in computational science and engineering. We will overview our work with the UK academic community, focusing in particular on scientific highlights from the collaborative computational projects and our high performance computing activities, including: high performance quantum chemistry applications; modeling mechanisms for DNA fragment transport across cell membranes; first principles molecular dynamics simulations of water adsorption on oxide surfaces; modeling high temperature superconducting properties; reynolds stress laminar flamelet models of turbulent pre-mixed combustion; parallelization of FLITE3D: an irregular grid whole aircraft Euler solver; PARASOL: an integrated environment for parallel sparse matrix solvers; Computers by Design: virtual benchmarking of parallel systems in real applications; grid computing; and micro-fluidics simulations.