• Brigham Young University
    Booth R1152
    Quinn Snell, snell@cs.byu.edu

      Brigham Young University has recently established the Ira and Marylou Fulton Supercomputer Center. The center is home to a 188 processor IBM SP-2, a 32 processor Origin 3000, a 64 processor Origin 2000 and a 16 processor Origin 2000 with 3 Infinite Reality graphics pipes. At BYU, we are doing research in Computational Biology, Computational Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, and Remote Sensing and Sattelite image processing for weather prediction etc. BYU has also been selected as a PACE partner with General Motors and has been involved with modeling the new Camaro and Hummer designs. The Booth will contain demos, posters, flyers describing the research and projects, and a scale model of a Camaro.