• Benchmarking High-Performance Computers (Standard Peformance Evaluation Corporation [SPEC])
    Booth R1139
    Dianne Rice, Dianne_Rice@spec.org

      The Booth will present benchmarking activities of the High Performance Group of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC/HPG). The exhibit pursues two goals. First, it will present SPEC's high-performance computing benchmarks, SPEChpc96, and the new SPEComp 2001 suite. These benchmarks are a service to the High-Performance Computing (HPC) community, where they can be used for machine procurement, to improve existing computer systems, and for research on software and hardware components of high-performance computing systems. Second, the Booth will present several research projects that are closely related to the SPEC effort. These projects define performance evaluation methodologies, characterize computational applications, and evaluate candidate benchmarks. We will present a number of such efforts from several participating organizations. One particular highlight of this year's exhibit will be the earlier released SPEComp 2001 benchmark suite and results. SPEComp 2001 provides new benchmarks written in the parallel programming standard OpenMP, which is now supported by all major high-performance computing platforms.