• ASCI DOE Tri-Lab Exhibit
    Booth R0375
    Jean Shuler, jshuler@llnl.gov

      The Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiatve (ASCI) exhibit will present current research and development in such key subject areas as future working environments for computations professionals, wireless communications, and novel strategies for deploying break-through research. These presentations and demonstrations will exploit innovative technologies designed, developed, and implemented within ASCI. The website http://www.asci.doe.gov will feature SC2001 output. Booth visitors can expect to find a mix of general ASCI information and personally selected highlights. Expert ASCI researchers will share their enthusiasm and experience with all visitors, regardless of skill level. Knowledgeable program generalists will greet visitors courteously and promptly, while specialty scientists and engineers demonstrate or discuss program specifics. ASCI personnel will wear ASCI logo shirts to readily identify them, in and beyond the Booth.