• R&D Activities on the Asia Pacific Grid (Asia Pacific Grid (ApGrid) / Electrotechnical Laboratory)
    Booth R0665
    Yoshio Tanaka, yoshio.tanaka@aist.go.jp

      Asia Pacific Grid (ApGrid) is a grid infrastructure around the Asia-Pacific region. The ApGrid provides a meeting point for all Asia-Pacific HPCN researchers, and it acts as a communication channel to the Global Grid Forum and other Grid communities. A regional wide testbed for global computing (Grid and/or Meta) can be established on the ApGrid. This exhibit demonstrates various HPCN research and development activities on the ApGrid such as High-performance computing with supercomputers including Hitachi SR8000, IBM RS6000/SP, some large-scale PC clusters, etc. provided by TACC/AIST and TITECH; building a virtual supercomputer center on the ApGrid; global computing on the ApGrid using Ninf; and Grid Data Farm for petascale data-intensive computing.