• Adventure Project (Graduate School of Frontier Science)
    Booth R0565
    Shinobu Yoshimura, yoshi@q.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp

      The ADVENTURE project is one of the Computational Science and Engineering; projects within the JSPS Research for the Future program, developing an advanced general-purpose finite element analysis system ADVENTURE that can solve a model with 10-100 million DOFs and is to be freeware. The ADVENTURE system employs the module based architecture. Each of the modules is an independent application program, which can be operated either alone or by cooperating with other modules. The domain decomposer, solvers, and visualizer are fully parallelized with domain decomposition-based parallelization techniques, and can be operated in various heterogeneous parallel and distributed environments. The system also includes several optimization modules for design. The I/O format among the modules is standardized as the ADVENTURE I/O. In the exhibition, its practical analysis and design capabilities are demonstrated together with several industrial applications such as a full-scale 3D model of a nuclear pressure vessel with 60 million DOFs.