• 75 Tflops Special-Purpose Comp. for Molecular Dyn. Sims [RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)]
    Booth R0570
    Atsushi Kawai, atsushi@atlas.riken.go.jp

      We have completed the full system of Molecular Dynamics Machine (MDM), the Gordon Bell prize winner last year. MDM is a computer system for MD simulations. It accelerates the calculation of Coulombnic force using two special-purpose hardwares, MDGRAPE-2 and WINE-2. The peak performance of the full system is 75 Tflops. It consists of 1536 MDGRAPE-2 processors and 2304 WINE2 processors, connected to Alpha/SPARC workstation clusters through Myrinet. We are exhibiting the building blocks of MDGRAPE-2 and WINE-2. We also present live MD simulations on a 128 Gflops subset of the MDM system.