Ballroom 2/3/4

Grid Computing in the Terascale Age
Fran Berman, Director of SDSC and NPACI, Professor of CSE, UCSD

The Digital Millennium marks a critical juncture in the development of computational and information infrastructure. With the increasing dependence on applications that must analyze and synthesize immense amounts of data, and the evolution of computational and information infrastructures into first-class scientific tools, it is incumbent upon the HPC community to develop usable platforms which can meet the expanding needs of science and society. It is within this environment that there is an increasing focus on a national grid infrastructure to meet these needs.

In this talk, we focus on the development of a national, terascale-level grid infrastructure to support advances in science and engineering. We focus on the design and development of such an infrastructure, the role the PACI program plays in building this infrastructure, and the potential impact of a terascale-level grid infrastructure on science and society.

Francine Berman is the Director of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI), Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at U. C. San Diego, Fellow of the ACM, and Director of the Grid Computing Laboratory at UCSD. Her research interests over the last two decades have focused on parallel and distributed computation, and in particular the areas of programming environments, tools, and models that support high-performance "Grid" Computing. Dr. Berman has served on numerous boards, program and conference committees and currently serves as one of the two Principle Investigators of the recently funded $53,000,000 NSF "TeraGrid" Project.