• 10:30am-noon
    Room A201/205
    Access Grid Enabled

    Computational Biosciences: The Computational Continuum from Human Genomes to Human Health
    Moderator: Raquell M. Holmes, Research Assistant Professor, Center for Computational Science, Boston University Panelists: Thomas Bartol, Computational Neurobiology Laboratory, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies; Charles Delisi, Professor Biomedical Engineering, Boston University; Micah Dembo, Professor Biomedical Engineering, Boston University; Joel Stiles, Senior Scientific Specialist, Computational Neuroscience, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

    The success of the human genome project has shot the field of bioinformatics and computational biology into the national limelight. As more and more scientists turn to the frontier of computational biology, it is important to identify the current trends and future computational needs of research across the biological spectrum. This panel brings together computational scientists who have been and are pushing the envelope in the areas of genomics, cellular processes, and human health. Panelists will discuss computational resources and approaches that are transforming the way life sciences are done and understood.

    The panel is directed towards scientists who are interested in better understanding computational challenges in the biosciences. Questions to be addressed include the following:

    • What are the computational approaches used in current research of human genomes, cellular processes, and human health?

    • What computing resources are utilized in these areas?

    • What technological and computing advances have aided in bringing the research to where it is today?

    • What are the computing advances that are needed to improve research in these areas?