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SC2001 Conference Chairs and Committees

Conference Chair: Charles Slocomb, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Executive Director: Debby Thompson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Regional Outreach Coordinator: Gayle Elliott
Conference Office Manager: Christie Salazar, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Committee Web Pages: Ken Ferschweiler, Oregon State University
Conference Vice-Chair: Cherri Pancake, Oregon State University
Conference Deputy-Chair: Roscoe Giles, Boston University
Conference Vice-Chair for Industry: Ty Rabe, Compaq
Finance Chair: Ray Elliott
Registration Coordinator: Heidi Peterson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Conference Store Coordinator: Gloria Montoya-Rivera, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Technical Program Chair: Sally Haerer, Oregon State University
Technical Papers & Workshops Coordinator: David Culler, UC, Berkeley
Technical Papers Committee Members
Tutorials Coordinator: John Grosh, Department of Defense
Tutorials Committee Members
Awards Coordinator: Horst Simon, NERSC
MasterWorks Coordinator: Barbara Horner-Miller, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
Invited Speakers Coordinator: Chuck Koebel, National Science Foundation
Invited Panels Coordinator: Pat Teller, University of Texas, El Paso
Proceedings Coordinator: Greg Johnson, San Diego Supercomputer Center
BOFs Coordinator: Mary Kay Bunde, ETNUS
Program/Exhibits Coordination: Rod Oldehoeft, Los Alamos National Laboratory
SC Global Chair: Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory
SC Global Vice Chair: Terry Disz, Argonne National Laboratory

SC Global Coordinator: Julie Wulf, Argonne National Laboratory
SC Global/SC2001 Program Liaison: Fede Bassetti,Los Alamos National Laboratory
Constellation Site Representative: Lisa Childers, Argonne National Laboratory

Constellation Site Coordinators:
Barbara Kucera, NCSA
Terry Disz, Argonne National Laboratory
Heather Boyles, Internet2
Linda Winkler, Argonne National Laboratory

International Networking Coordinator: Linda Winkler, Argonne National Laboratory
Show Floor Coordination: LaJoyce Bullock, Argonne National Laboratory; Elaine Lauerman, Internet2
Showcase Node Manager: Barbara Kucera, NCSA
Technical Operations/AG NOC: Bob Olson, Argonne National Laboratory
Networking Monitoring Coordinator: Greg Goddard, University of Florida
Staffing and Volunteer Coordinator: Bruce Loftis, NCSA
Sponsorship: Mary Spada, Argonne National Laboratory
Publicity: Karen Green, NCSA, Mary Spada, Laura Wolf, EVL
Human Factors Coordinator: Lisa Childers, Argonne
Production Manager: Jeffifer Tieg von Hoffman, Boston University
Industrial Partners Liaison: Mary Spada
Education Program Liaison: Scott Lathrop, NCSA
Test Cruise Director: Mary Fritsch, Argonne National Laboratory
Industry and Research Exhibits Committee Chair: Dona Crawford, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Deputy Chair: Dave Cooper, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Research Exhibits Coordinator: Jim Pool, CalTech
Industry Exhibits Coordinator: Virginia To, High Performance Technologies, Inc.
Exhibitors' Forum Coordinators:
  Sally Howe, National Coordination Office for Information Technology Resarch and Development
  David Halstead, Ames Lab
Proceedings Coordinator: Greg Johnson, University of Texas, Austin
Exhibition Management: Don Collier, DC Expositions, Inc.
Show Management/Special Effects: Darryl Monahan, Freeman Decorating
Poster Exhibits Coordinator: Harvey Wasserman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Security Coordinator: Libby Bogard, Hewlett-Packard
Education Committee Chair: Jeff Huskamp, East Carolina University
Publications Coordinator: Becky Verasteui, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Systems Integration Coordinator: Barbara Helland, Krell Institute
Tech Coordinator: Richard Bach, Merck
Program Co-Chair: Lisa Bievenue, NCSA
Program Co-Chair: Edna Gentry, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Education Coordinator: Cathie Burke Dager, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Education Outreach Coordinator: Bruce Loftis, NCSA
Education Outreach Co-Chair: Cathie Dager, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Computational Science Education Advisor: Ken Flurchick, Ohio Supercomputer Center
Computational Science Education Advisor: Robert Gotwals, The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.
Computational Science Education Advisor: Robert Panoff, The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.
Education Coordinator: Ernest G. Marshburn, East Carolina University
Education Coordinator: Helen Parke, East Carolina University
Education Coordinator: Ann Redelfs, NPACI/San Diego Supercomputer Center
Education Coordinator: Betsy Schermerhorn
Education Coordinator: Sandra W. Huskamp, East Carolina University
Advisory Committee: Norma Boakes, Jason Painter, Kris Stewart, Paul Tisdel, Charles Swanson
Staff: Wendy Creasey, Peyton Crump, Jennifer Farris, Kevin Johnson, Trevor Burnette
Networking Committee Chair: Bill Wing, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Deputy Chair: Jim Rogers, Computer Sciences Corporation

Hardware Architecture: Chuck Fisher, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Fiber Infrastructure: Jeff Mauth, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Software Monitoring: Martin Swany, University of Tennessee/Knoxville
Network Security: Eli Dart, NERSC
Routing Architecture: Bill Nickless, Argonne
Wireless: Tim Toole, Sandia National Laboratory
Xnet: David Koester, MITRE
Management Software: Jon Dugan, NCSA
Bandwidth Challenge: Bill Kramer, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Hardware Monitoring: Greg Goddard, University of Florida
Denver Fiber: Kevin Oberman,
WAN Connectivity: Steve Corbato, Internet2
Denver POP Connections: Debbie Montano, Qwest Communications
SC Global Connectivity: Linda Winkler, Argonne National Laboratory
Conference Infrastructure Committee Chair: Ginger Caldwell, NCAR
Deputy-Chair: Ginny Clark, Sandia National Laboratory/Albuquerque

Conference Arrangements: Mary Amiot, Northstar Events Management
Catering: Jan Hull, Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc.
Housing Coordinator: Dolores Roybal, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Signage: Barry Hess, Sandia National Laboratory/California
A/V: Jim Mahoney, Honeywell FM&T
Computers: Philip Papadopoulos, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Email Coordinator: Peter Wilson, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque
Student Volunteers: Eleanor Schroeder, NAVO MSRC
Public Relations Committee Chair: David Schwoegler, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Advisory Vice-Chair: Ann Redelfs, NPACI/San Diego Supercomputer Center

Web Communications: Greg Wood, Internet2
Webmaster/Web Design/Graphic Design: Zizi Kolshorn, Moose Pond Arts
Media Room: Jon Basher, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Publications: Alice Chapman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
SC2001 Booth: Barbara Kucera, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Publicity: Betsy Riley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Graphic Designer: Mo Viele, Mo Viele, Inc.
Administrative Support: Ruth Camara, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
ACM Society Liaison: Alisa Rivkin
IEEE Liason: Mary Kate Rada

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