• 10:30am - Noon
    Room A201/205
    Access Grid Enabled

    The Access Grid: Where the Vision Meets Reality
    Moderator: Emilee Patrick, Motorola Labs
    Panelists: Crysta Metcalf, Anthropologist, Motorola Research Labs; Don Morton, Associate Professor Computer Science, The University of Montana, Missoula; Rick L. Stevens, Director Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, and Professor of Computer Science, University of Chicago; Jennifer Teig von Hoffman, Senior Analyst, Boston University

    The Access Grid (AG) is the future of the Internet: a network of multimedia nodes, connected by multicast over high-bandwidth networks. Each AG node is an ensemble of resources enabling human interaction across the Grid, from high-end audio and visual technology to interfaces to grid middleware and visualization environments. In addition, large-format displays, multiple cameras and microphones, and dedicated meeting rooms provide support for real-time communication among entire groups, not just individuals.

    Experiencing the AG can feel as intimate as a private telephone call between two locations, or as impersonal as attending a talk in a large auditorium. This is not your mother's idea of videoconferencing. This panel will take place on the Access Grid. Not only will the session be made available to anyone with the requisite equipment and high-speed connection, but attendees will experience firsthand the nature of interaction over the AG. Four panelists will each present their own vision for the future of communication and collaboration via the Internet, and then engage in a discussion of how this compares with the usage, utility, and usability of the Access Grid as it exists today.

    Specific questions will include, but will not be limited to:

    • Should the AG support large scheduled meetings or smaller, informal gatherings?

    • Is it possible to do both?

    • What is the nature of the AG community todaywho are the people that use the AG and how do they use it?

    • What is the most compelling application for the AG in the future?

    • How should it evolve?

    • What are the privacy implications of AG technology everywhere?

    • From the perspective of a novice user, what is the single most important problem that, if it were solved, would bring the biggest improvement to the AG?

    For more information about the Access Grid, see the AG Home Page at