The Origin
For nearly 2 years, the SC2001 technical program team has contributed time for planning behind the scenes, enlisting our industry’s leaders, brainstorming ideas, and soliciting technical content. It has certainly been a busy time, but it has also been rewarding —even fun sometimes!

The Results
We believe we have crafted a stimulating, engaging program which is in concert with the timely challenges of our industry. By leveraging the strengths of past SC programs, we offer a stable foundation of technical content. But we also offer some experiments to add to the excitement and controversy! We hope you will always find something of particular interest throughout our program.

A Quick Summary

• At the core, 60 strongly refereed Papers chosen from 240 submissions
by an exceptional committee of diverse, well-known professionals
throughout our industry.

• For your education, 28 informative Tutorials from which to choose
—each offered by leaders in their topic areas. These are high-quality
tutorials selected from 52 submissions.

• Stellar Plenary Sessions featuring well-known leaders who will offer
visions of the state of their fields of expertise. Don’t miss these

• For your active engagement, 6 hand-crafted Panels that will offer
information and stimulate discussion and, quite likely, a bit of

• The return of MasterWorks, with 20 invited speakers who will star in the   second annual performance of this speaking series. These sessions   showcase novel, innovative practices in solving challenging, real-world   problems in areas of interest from the biosciences to Hollywood.

• For your participation, 3 timely Workshops held in conjunction with
SC2001 (2 full-day and 1 half-day). These are quality productions, and
we will be   interested in knowing if you want this type of venue to
continue and grow within the SC series.

• And much more—award winners, birds-of-a-feather sessions, video   proceedings, global participation…

More Details
For the important details within each of the program components listed in this overview, please click on the specific items on the sidebar to see topics, speakers, and times.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all members of the SC2001 Program Committee for their exceptional dedication to quality and excellence in creating this program. Clearly, my most significant contribution to the program was enlisting these professionals to be on our team.

The Judgment
This would be you! Come to Denver and see for yourself. Please be vocal about what works for you and what does not. We promise to listen and pass along your input to improve the SC conference series.