Sunday, Half Day, AM
Room A209

Title: The Emerging Grid: Introduction, Tools, Applications

Presenters: Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory; Ed Seidel, The Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Albert Einstein Institute

Level: 85% Introductory | 15% Intermediate | 0% advanced


The paradigm of grid computing is currently being deployed to solve some of our most challenging computing problems. This tutorial is for people interested in getting acquainted with grid computing technologies and approaches and in exploring how to apply grid technologies to their own large-scale computing problems. It will also be of interest to those with previous exposure to the concept who seek an update on how grid techniques have matured and solidified in the past year.

The tutorial will explorelargely through first-hand exampleshow to apply grid techniques to complex problems in scientific and engineering computation. The tutorial provides a pragmatic overview of the grid concept, based on the latest models of grid architecture. It surveys several technologies that can be used to construct grids, focusing on the Globus Toolkit, Condor, GridPort, and Cactus. It illustrates the accomplishments, plans, and challenges faced by large Grid projects including the Grid Physics Network, the Particle Physics Data Grid, the NASA Information Power Grid, the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Grid, and the Earth Systems Grid. It also includes a brief review of current research efforts to extend the scope, utility, and ease of grid computing.

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