Sunday, Half Day, AM
Room A207

Title: Understanding Network Performance

Presenters: Phillip Dykstra, WareOnEarth Communications Inc.

Level: 30% Introductory | 50% Intermediate | 20% Advanced


Supercomputers today are usually connected to local and wide area networks capable of transferring data at hundreds of megabits per second or more. Most remote users however only see a fraction of that potential. Wide area transfer rates less than ten million bits per second are still commonplace. Why is this and what can users and administrators of networks and systems do to improve the situation?

This tutorial will introduce the environment of high performance networking today. The behavior of TCP will be explained in detail along with factors that limit performance. Included are well known tuning issues such as "window sizes" and lesser known factors such as packet size, loss rates, and delay. Recent and proposed performance related protocol changes will be discussed.

Numerous tools are introduced that can be used to measure, debug, and tune end systems and networks. You will learn how these tools work and what they tell you. The attendee should come away with a better understanding of what is happening to their data on the network and what is required to achieve higher performance.

Sample material:

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