Sunday, Full Day
Room A101/103/105

Title: Introduction to Effective Parallel Computing

Presenters: Quentin F. Stout and Christiane Jablonowski, University of Michigan

Level: 75% Introductory | 25% Intermediate


This tutorial will provide a comprehensive overview of parallel computing, emphasizing those aspects most relevant to the user. It is suitable for new users, managers, students and anyone needing a general overview of parallel computing. It discusses software and hardware, with an emphasis on standards, portability, and systems that are now (or soon will be) commercially or freely available. Computers examined range from low-cost clusters to highly integrated supercomputers. The tutorial surveys basic concepts and terminology, and gives parallelization examples selected from engineering, scientific, and data intensive applications. These real-world examples are targeted at distributed memory systems using MPI, and shared memory systems using OpenMP. The tutorial shows basic parallelization approaches and discusses some of the software engineering aspects of the parallelization process, including the use of tools. It also discusses techniques for improving parallel performance. It helps attendees make intelligent planning decisions by covering the primary options that are available, explaining how they are used and what they are most suitable for. The tutorial also provides pointers to the literature and web-based resources.