Sunday, Full Day
Room C102 - C104

Title: High Performance Computing: What Role for the Individual Microprocessor, if any

Presenters: Yale N. Patt, The University of Texas at Austin

Level: 30% Introductory | 40% Intermediate | 30% Advanced


High performance computing applications continue to want more and more performance capability. Where does the individual microprocessor fit? Process technology promises one billion transistors on each silicon die, running at 10 GHz in a few years. Can that technology be harnessed, or are the nay-sayers right that Moore's Law is dead and the problems of increasing single chip performance are just too hard. This tutorial will try to do several things. We will look at the arguments of the nay-sayers, and point out why they should not deter us. We will explore the bottlenecks of a microarchitecture vis-a-vis high performance, and describe how we are overcoming them. We will examine the relevant characteristics of some relevant state-of-the-art microprocessors. Finally, we will discuss what we might see on a chip five years from now. More on the presenter can be found at