Sunday, Half Day, PM
Room A112

Title: An Introduction to the TotalView Debugger

Presenters: Blaise M. Barney, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Level: 60% Introductory | 20% Intermediate | 20% Advanced


The TotalView debugger has become a "de facto standard" tool within the High Performance Computing industry for debugging cross-platform, cross-language, multi-model parallel applications. TotalView's easy-to-use graphical user interface provides the means to see what an application is "really" doing at the deepest level. TotalView has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy as the debugger software of choice for its Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI) program. TotalView has likewise been selected by a growing number of telco, petroleum, aerospace, university and HPC organizations as their debugger of choice.

This tutorial will begin by covering all of the essentials for using TotalView in a general programming environment. After covering these essentials, an emphasis will be placed upon debugging parallel programs, including threaded, MPI, OpenMP and hybrid programs. Though this tutorial would be best accompanied by hands-on exercises, the attendee will benefit from the many graphical examples and "screen captures" of TotalView debug sessions. This tutorial will conclude with examples and suggestions for the sometimes challenging task of debugging programs while they are executing in a batch system.