Sunday, Half Day, PM
Room A207

Title: Achieving Network Performance

Presenters: John Estabrook and Jim Ferguson, National Laboratory for Applied Network Research and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Level: 20% Introductory | 60% Intermediate | 20% Advanced


High-bandwidth Wide Area Networks (WANs) deployed in recent years by various Federal agencies and others have brought sky-high expectations and an equal amount of disappointment to many who have used them. The problems with poor end-to-end performance on what should be a fast network connection mostly lie closer to the ends of the network than the well-engineered backbones. Application specialists and engineers with the National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR, have developed tools and collected knowledge that can assist both applications developers and their local network support staff. This tutorial will specifically address typical problems encountered when applications that run successfully in a Local Area Network are ported to a run on a Wide Area Network. This tutorial will complement the tutorial "Understanding Network Performance" which will focus on the underlying issues of TCP. This tutorial will focus on application level issues, resources for network monitoring, and the "state of the backbone".