Sunday, Full Day
Room A102/104/106

Title: Introduction to Clusters: Build Yourself a PC Cluster NOW!

Presenters: Kwai L. Wong and Christian Halloy, University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Level: 50% Introductory | 30% Intermediate | 20% Advanced


This will be a well-paced, information-rich full-day tutorial describing step-by-step, with live demos, how to build and utilize a Linux PC cluster for High Performance Computing. PC clusters are being used for parallel computing applications at many sites around the world and they offer by far the best price/performance ratio. Linux-based PC clusters are receiving increasingly more attention, but putting them together remains a challenge to most scientists and researchers. This tutorial offers a unique opportunity for participants to learn how to effectively build a PC cluster on-site from scratch. Several computers will be used to demonstrate in detail how to install, configure, customize, and eventually compute on the newly built cluster.

This tutorial will have three parts. The first part will cover basic Linux installation on an individual workstation. The second part will focus on integrating additional PCs within a cluster through network configuration using a switch. The final part will emphasize the installation of several freely available useful scientific libraries such as PVM, MPI, Scalapack, Petsc, Aztec, etc. Benchmark computations will be carried out to demonstrate the functionality of the finished PC cluster.

The authors have conducted similar training courses and have constructed a research production PC cluster for ORNL's Solid State Division in Spring 2000. See for additional information.

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