Monday, Half Day, AM
Room A108

Title: Performance Tuning Using Hardware Counter Data

Presenters: Shirley Moore, University of Tennessee; Nils Smeds, Parallelldatorcentrum

Level: 30% Introductory | 40% Intermediate | 30% Advanced


This tutorial concerns the performance counter Application Programmers Interface (PAPI) and its use for HPC application developers as well as HPC tool developers. PAPI is a specification and reference implementation of a cross-platform interface to hardware performance counters. Using PAPI, a developer need not re-adapt his/her measurement techniques for each new hardware platform the application is to run on. Furthermore, PAPI implements abstractions needed for third-party performance evaluation tools. With a mature platform-independent interface to the hardware counters, tool developers can dedicate their efforts to enhancing the functionality of their tools without the need for re-adapting the tool for new hardware platforms. The tutorial will cover the use of PAPI directly by an application developer as well as discuss the mechanisms by which PAPI provides a platform independent abstraction for tool developers. See for more information about PAPI.

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