Monday, Full Day
Room A201

Title: Securing Your Network

Presenters: Paula C. Albrecht, Crystal Clear Computing, Inc.

Level: 40% Introductory | 50% Intermediate | 10% Advanced


Pick up a newspaper, turn on the news, or read a magazine - security is a hot topic. Each year, the number of system and network attacks from the Internet continue to rise. Organizations need to be aware of these attacks and how to protect their systems and networks. This tutorial provides an overview of common attacks and the technologies available to protect your network against them. We will first take a look at who is attacking networks and the types of attacks they are using. Then we will examine techniques available for securing your systems and networks. These include cryptography, public key infrastructure (PKI), firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and intrusion detection. We will introduce security terminology and network security concepts. Some detailed information on how the security technologies work and example uses will also be provided. If you are concerned about the security of your systems and networks, or ever wondered what network security is all about - this tutorial is for you.