Monday, Half Day, PM
Room A110

Title: InfiniBand Architecture and What Does It Bring to High Performance Computing?

Presenter: Dhabaleswar K. Panda, The Ohio State University

Level: 20% Introductory | 40% Intermediate | 40% Advanced


The emerging InfiniBand Architecture (IBA) standard is generating a lot of excitement towards building next generation computing systems in a radical different manner. This is leading to the following common questions among many scientists, engineers, managers, developers, and users associated with High-Performance Computing (HPC): 1) What is IBA? 2) How is it different from other on-going developments and standardization effort such as Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA), PCI-X, Rapid I/O, etc.? and 3) What unique features and benefits does IBA bring to HPC?

This tutorial is designed to provide answers to the above questions. We will start with the background behind the origin of the IBA standard. Then we will make the attendees familiar with the novel features of IBA (such as elimination of the standard PCI-bus based architecture, provision for multiple transport services, mechanisms to support QoS and protection in the network, uniform treatment of interprocessor communication and I/O, and support for low latency communication with Virtual Interface). We will compare and contrast the IBA standard with other on-going developments/standards. We will show how the IBA standard facilitates the next generation computing systems to be designed not only to deliver high performance but also RAS (Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability). Open research challenges in designing IBA-based HPC systems will be outlined. The tutorial will conclude with an overview of on-going IBA related research projects and products.

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