Monday, Full Day
Room A102

Title: Advanced Topics in HPC Linux Cluster Design and Administration

Presenters: Troy Baer and Doug Johnson, Ohio Supercomputer Center

Level: 10% Introductory | 60% Intermediate | 30% Advanced


This tutorial describes a methodology for designing, installing, and administering a cluster of commodity computers as a resource for high performance computing in a production environment. This methodology is a result of past experience in cluster computing at OSC and elsewhere, and is used on both OSC's production cluster systems and on the distributed set of clusters deployed by OSC's Cluster Ohio project.

The tutorial discusses system design and installation, software configuration, high performance networks, resource management, scheduling, and performance monitoring. Wherever possible, currently available technologies and best current practice are described and related back to a common configuration, that of a cluster of dual-processor IA32 nodes interconnected by Myrinet. Other architectures and interconnect technologies are also discussed.

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