How to get the full spa experience at home

Not being able to go to the spa and relax after a long week at work is just one of the many unfortunate side effects of the pandemic. How are you supposed to relax at home if you already spend all your time there? This is no easy task. But because many of us struggle with being cooped up at home all the time, it is important to find time and the right method to take that stress away. Having no outlet for stress is severely detrimental both to our physical and mental health. Fortunately, people’s ingenuity is boundless. There are plenty of ways you can transform your home into a full-blown spa and in this article, we will introduce some of them.

Spa bath

If you have a bathtub at home then it is easy to make the experience of taking a bath a very special one. Take your time to draw water at just the right temperature, warm but not scalding hot. Make it a bubble bath or use your favorite scent of bath salts – or do both of these for a full-blown spa bath. Get some essential oils and put a few drops in your bath to make it smell amazing. The oils also have the added benefit of moisturizing your skin. You can also dim the lights and light some scented candles to make your bathroom seem like a completely different place. Grab a book or simply close your eyes and let yourself get lost in the newly-found relaxation space. Maybe even get a glass of wine with you.

If you have other people living with you, make sure that they know not to disturb you during your ‘me’ time – there is nothing worse than having to pause your bath to put out random fires at home that could have been easily handled by someone else.

Spa appliances

Many makers are racing one another to come up with new ideas to make people’s life at home more spa-like. The result is we have many new home appliances to choose from!

Facial steamer

Steaming your face feels amazing and it also has great benefits for your skin. A facial steamer is an indispensable part of many skincare routines. The steam opens up your pores, making congestions easier to clean out, and any skincare products you put on your skin after are more easily absorbed.

Foot massager

Foot massagers are an amazing invention that shouldn’t get overlooked. You simply fill it with water, put your feet inside and turn the machine on to enjoy having rollers knead the bottom of your feet with bubble water swirling around. Foot massagers simulate real massagers in a surprisingly good way and they can be used anywhere, even under your desk as you work.

Inflatable hot tub

Inflatable hot tubs are a relatively cheap way of getting that jacuzzi experience in the comfort of your own home. As long as you have enough space on your veranda or in your yard to place it, consider getting the best inflatable hot tub possible. It’s guaranteed you will completely lose yourself in the bubbles.