How to choose a bidet toilet seat

Bidets are literally dividing the world. Some countries love them and cannot imagine going to the toilet without one. These include countries from Southern Europe, the Middle East, and some Asian ones, predominantly Japan. Other nationalities often find them peculiar and unnecessary. However, lately, even people from North America have started to warm up to the idea of installing a bidet in their toilets.

A bidet can come either as a standalone plumbing fixture usually found next to the toilet or as an attachment in the form of a toilet seat that you put on top of the regular toilet. If you want to start using a bidet, finding space to install a standalone bidet might not be easy. Most people choose the attachment type if they are installing the bidet in an already built bathroom. They are easy to install and don’t need any additional plumbing.

Due to their surging popularity, bidet toilet seats can now be found in most home improvement stores. For example, a Home Depot bidet toilet seat will have everything you need to enjoy the benefits of a bidet at home without costing you a fortune.

But what to look for when buying a bidet toilet seat?


The bidet toilet seat has to fit your existing toilet to be able to use it comfortably. Make sure to measure your toilet bowl and get a bidet toilet seat that will sit properly. The shape is also important. Some bidets will be round, others will be more elongated. Get the one that matches the shape of your toilet.

Power source

Bidet toilet seats can be mechanical or electrical. If all you want is just the basic cleaning function, then a non-electrical bidet will be enough. It runs on your bathroom’s water pressure and is cheaper.

Electric bidet toilet seats, however, have many additional features that will make the visits to the bathroom much more comfortable. For example, almost every electric bidet has a heated water setting so you won’t be shocked when you get sprayed with water from behind. You can also adjust the water pressure which is helpful if it takes you a lot of time to feel clean. Some models even have heated seats that are great during colder seasons. However, the biggest advantage of electric bidet toilet seats is probably the option to change the position of the water-spraying nozzle. Standard bidets only clean the rear area but the modern ones can have the nozzle adjusted so that it also aids feminine hygiene. Electric bidet toilet seats need to be connected to a power outlet to run.

To sum up, non-electric models will do a fine job but if there are women living in the house, or maybe an elderly person that would benefit from having an easy to use control panel, then consider getting an electric bidet toilet seat.

A bidet is a great way to improve your personal hygiene. Buying a bidet toilet seat will also save you money in the long run because you won’t be spending as much on toilet paper. This also makes them a more ecological way of using the toilet.